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Analog Natives are Factory Authorized Resellers for a comprehensive range of Recording The Masters Cassettes, Reel Products and Accessories.

We don't just sell them, we use them every day, whether it's recording music in our studio, duplicating audiophile albums on tapes or simply kicking back to a mixtape on a cassette, we are obsessed with analog tapes and we love to help others to find their analog obsession.

We can advise you on which tape is best for your machine/s, and if you're new to the World of analog tapes and tape machines, we can help get you started or assist you to take it to the next level... no matter what level you aspire to, from living room right through to a pro studio recording system, we can point you in the right direction.

Analog Natives can also supply you with a comprehensive range of Calibration Tapes for Studer, Revox, Otari, TASCAM, TEAC, Akai, Pioneer, Technics, Sony and most other common makes of open reel tape machines upon request.

Contact us if you would like to become an authorized stockist, or require bulk sales.

Email: sales@analognatives.com.au

Phone: 0439 118 022